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At Restore Balance Massage we aim to educate and bring awareness back to one’s body;

rekindling the mind-body connection to facilitate healing and restore balance.
Our Approach

About Amber

Massage License Number - MA60397438

My gift is that I can communicate with tissue. For many years, constrained by the ’50 minute massage’ model and pushed to accommodate every focus of tension within a single session, I felt overwhelmed. With clients returning week after week with the same aches and pains, I wondered if my work was ever going to be truly effective.

It wasn’t until I took over my current business, and many hours of continuing education with a variety of teachers, that a new mentality began to emerge. Instead of using aggressive pressure to try and bend the tissue to my will, why not ask it what it needs instead? You may be surprised at how easily the body can respond to change when one asks the question, and patiently waits for the answer.

Suddenly I was hearing the tissue in a way I never had before, and my technique changed drastically to accommodate. When you receive my work you can expect slower strokes, and more pinpointed detail work. Instead of broad sweeping motions across the body I want to get in between the muscles and mechanisms, looking for where the moving pieces connect and interact with one another. Everything is connected, it is not always the point of pain that is the root cause, but may instead be a far removed muscle that caused a hitch in the assembly line.

No two bodies have lived the same life, and so it stands to reason that not all tension is going to manifest the same way. While there may be a general formula, I strive to notice what makes each case individual and if a technique isn’t getting results that I’m trying different approaches until we find what works.

My work helps those who want it, become more in tune with their body. I am merely a tool that can be used to facilitate the healing within yourself, and I am happy to provide support on your wellness journey, whatever that may be.