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At Restore Balance Massage we aim to educate and bring awareness back to one’s body;

rekindling the mind-body connection to facilitate healing and restore balance.
Our Approach

Our Services

60 Minute Massage

A sixty minute massage is ideal for when you have one or two main focus areas where you want immediate relief and lasting change. Initially, these sessions are good for unhinging tension from work, old injuries, or compensation patterns. As treatment progresses these sessions are perfect for full body maintenance work and mood management. Typically scheduled once a week or twice a month.

90 Minute Massage

A ninety minute massage is ideal for two or three focus areas where you want to improve mechanical function and break up stiff connective tissues that require slower work to affect meaningful change. These sessions are also perfect for full body integration, or when you may not be able to come in for treatment as regularly. Typically scheduled once or twice a month, and can work in tandem with sixty minute spot treatments.

120 Minute Massage

A two hour massage is ideal for those ready to systematically affect balance, posture and connective tissue mobility. These sessions are most effective as part of an ongoing treatment plan. For best results, it is recommended to be adequately hydrated as well as the ability to rest for the remainder of the day as longer sessions can be taxing on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

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